Team The Savory Six – Hunger

Team The Savory Six Week 5

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Our past week has been spent scouring the internet to find the foremost experts, professors, and organizations in the field of food insecurity and hunger. After compiling a list of over twenty contacts, our team divided and conquered to send email after email with the hopes of setting up meetings. After a week of eagerly waiting with follow-up emails, we got one “yes” – that’s a batting average of 0.050, about 0.082 less than the worst batting average in MLB history, earned by George McBride in 1918 when he batted 0.132. This was Vidur’s face when he crunched the numbers (he’s the one in the middle):

screen-shot-2016-11-01-at-8-55-32-pmHowever, our team was not dismayed. Pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps, we scheduled walk-in meetings with local grocery stores and on-campus restaurants over the next three days, and have started to eagerly prepare for our lonesome ‘yes’ for Thursday afternoon, hoping to glean some information to guide us through our ideation phase next week.

The Savory Six – Week 4

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The Savory Six have really dived deep into our problem space. After a couple of weeks of research-backed debate, we all managed to agree on hunger as a problem that we’re all passionate about and hope to make a tangible difference within. We’ve started to contact certain organizations in the Duke and Durham community to gauge already implemented progress on our current floating ideas and learn more about where our DFA product could come in and make a positive impact. Within hunger, we are focusing on food shortage and surplus for current ideation. Based on our research, that is the sector within hunger where the daring, feasible, and applicable (!!!) change could be made. Our team is really excited to work together and definitely are ready to show Duke and Durham that food is sometimes the best motivator for change, in more ways than one.The Savory Six Week4