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Team Squad – Progress off the Charts!

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Oh! What a wonderful time to be alive! The sun is shining (behind the clouds and the fact it is currently night time) and the the sweet smell of opportunity just oozes through the walls.

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As for an actual update, today we began to synthesize the information we received from our initial interviews and found some target spots.

The different places we are currently pondering are:

How can we help children help their parents with useful technological skills? bring their resources home?

How can we entice parents to introduce technology to their children earlier?

How can we make technology useful to low-income, college-age students?

How can we educate children of future opportunities available in technology? (i.e. instead of “I want to be an astronaut” “I want to program for google”)

How can we educate adults in modern technology, so that they can use it for basic needs such as filing taxes?         

How can we help teachers utilize classroom technology to better instruct students and educate them in technology use?


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We came in with the idea of Information Inequality, but after some basic research were able to narrow down our topic to The Digital Gap for low income families, particularly their children.  There seem to be a wide variety of issues in this problem space that we are excited to delve further into.


Signing off for the first time this year,