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Team Rich and Pretty – Week 4

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Our team name is Team Rich and Pretty and our problem space is in diminishing the percentage of missed doctor’s appointments by underprivileged hospital patients.

We’re currently in the immersion phase of secondary research!

On Tuesday we continued to reach out to potential community members and set up interview meeting times with Go Durham, Samaritan Health Center, a Helping Hand and a Partnership for a Healthy Durham.

We then watched a fly-on-the-wall style documentary on the experience of patients in a stretched out emergency room. Even if our problem space does not align with the issues of ER completely, the documentary provided good context for our problem space of inaccessibility. Many of the issues of insurance, patient understanding and communication were presented that were relevant to our space.

For next week we’ll be continuing to schedule and conduct interviews with community partners and hopefully start garnering plenty of insights to further narrow our problem space!