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Team FCA – On to Ideating!

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At Tuesday’s meeting we brought together all of our insights and “how can we” statements that we gathered from our research and user interviews. We began brainstorming ideas for solutions that directly addressed our “how can we’s” and mapped them out in a web as an organizational tool. We did timed individual brainstorming sessions followed by collaborative sessions where we shared our ideas and allowed each other to connect to and build off of what others had. We grouped together similar ideas and ideas that targeted similar problem areas. This gave us a tangible collection of ideas that we can analyze and hopefully build off of at our next meeting.

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Team FCA – User Research Under Way!

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downloadAs we are ahead of our schedule by a week, we were able to brainstorm some new users to interview this week. To guide us through the brainstorming process, we drew out Sequence diagrams in the Immerse phase. These diagrams allowed us to have a visual structure of the typical day a truck driver goes through. Through this process, we realized that while we have a thorough understanding of truck drivers as a user group for drowsy driving, we did not understand drivers that suffer from drowsy driving in their occupation. We will be interviewing fast-food chain workers and seeing what kind of experiences they have with drowsy driving when their night shifts end every week.


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