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October 2016

Team Rich and Pretty – Week 4

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Our team name is Team Rich and Pretty and our problem space is in diminishing the percentage of missed doctor’s appointments by underprivileged hospital patients.

We’re currently in the immersion phase of secondary research!

On Tuesday we continued to reach out to potential community members and set up interview meeting times with Go Durham, Samaritan Health Center, a Helping Hand and a Partnership for a Healthy Durham.

We then watched a fly-on-the-wall style documentary on the experience of patients in a stretched out emergency room. Even if our problem space does not align with the issues of ER completely, the documentary provided good context for our problem space of inaccessibility. Many of the issues of insurance, patient understanding and communication were presented that were relevant to our space.

For next week we’ll be continuing to schedule and conduct interviews with community partners and hopefully start garnering plenty of insights to further narrow our problem space!

Team DADD – Week 4

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Our group has defined a problem space: drunk driving, and we chose a team name: DADD (Designers against drunk driving). We are currently in the immerse phase, and we have compiled slap stats, case studies, and interview notes from 3 experts. More interviews are to come. Our primary research topics include motivations for drunk driving, factors that effect fatal crashes, and aggregate patterns.


Team Hospital Hotties – Week 4

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Hospital Hotties are currently investigating how we can improve the experience of hospital patients. The Senior Vice President for Patient Safety and Quality at Johns Hopkins Hospital stated that “patients are continuously asking hospitals to be treated like people,” and patient surveys relay dissatisfaction regarding hospital stays. We have done online research, gathered survey information, and are in the process of conducting interviews. 

Team JACASS – Week 4

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Today, we plan to draft an email to our potential community partner, the Duke School. Additionally, we will be finalizing a team meeting time based on our schedules. Lastly, due to a collective team conflict we will be creating our own GBM next week.

The Leftovers – Week 4

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Today we continued carrying out the “Immersion” step of the design process. As a team we shared and discussed research and information collected from both secondary and primary sources. Ken, Advait, and Erin had already reached out to primary sources and are in the process of scheduling interviews with some of these contacts. From this research we collected information regarding subspaces:

[if !supportLists]·       [endif]Finances pose a significant barrier to college attendance and this can even affect students who have been accepted to college and end up choosing not to go between the spring of senior year and their first semester.

[if !supportLists]·       [endif]While there is a strong correlation between parental education and children attending college, there are many confounding factors (ie. parents without a college degree are more likely to be in a lower income bracket which is another quality that correlates with low offspring college attendance rate).

We then made a list of questions to ask in future interviews and then continued contacting community partners, which include college advisors, college-prep programs outside of school, and programs for first-generation college students.


Our next step is to finish conducting these interviews synthesize what we learn from them so that we can begin ideating.



The Savory Six – Week 4

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The Savory Six have really dived deep into our problem space. After a couple of weeks of research-backed debate, we all managed to agree on hunger as a problem that we’re all passionate about and hope to make a tangible difference within. We’ve started to contact certain organizations in the Duke and Durham community to gauge already implemented progress on our current floating ideas and learn more about where our DFA product could come in and make a positive impact. Within hunger, we are focusing on food shortage and surplus for current ideation. Based on our research, that is the sector within hunger where the daring, feasible, and applicable (!!!) change could be made. Our team is really excited to work together and definitely are ready to show Duke and Durham that food is sometimes the best motivator for change, in more ways than one.The Savory Six Week4