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November 2015

Team Domestic Violence – Let the Brainstorming Begin!

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Last weekend, we recharged by getting brunch together instead of our usual extra meeting outside of GBMs. When we were creating our team charter, besides wanting to make something meaningful and to end the semester with a prototype, our goals also included working cohesively as a team and supporting each other. Sometimes it’s important to take a break.

Because of that, at our GBM this week, we were ready to delve into brainstorming and beginning our ideation phase! Our studio lead led us through an introduction to ideating and then a workshop where we brainstormed for three of our HCW statements.


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Team Immigreat – November Rain

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This week, our team started formulating “How Can We” statements for possible ways to solve common difficulties that immigrants face. Some of the statements we thought of were: How can we connect immigrants to each other in Durham?“, “How can we improve access to English resources for immigrants in Durham?”, and “How can we improve access to English resources for immigrants in Durham?” We have had some difficulties finding a community partner but we have been using online resources as an alternative. Going forward, we will continue to refine our statements and continue to ideate.

Team Newbies – WE HAVE A “HOW CAN WE”

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We delved into the Foundry and really cranked out a few great how can we statements. We ideated tons of ideas for our top three choices and decided that trying to created a sense of community in the classroom was the most daring, feasible, and applicable.

We feel that created team building games and activities will really beget a strong sense of belonging in classrooms and force students to really try to improve their skills and motivate themselves to succeed. We will talk with a DFA fellow tomorrow and continue conducting interviews and doing research in conjunction with our newly defined problem space.

ALSO: Howard got a haircut. 🙁