Team Domestic Violence – Preliminary HCW

oct29team1With October almost over, we’ve started to synthesize our insights from our immersion and created a few preliminary ‘how can we’ statements. This week our team has been busy interviewing various experts as well as attending a few community events in Durham, such as a discussion on domestic violence in faith communities. At our GBM, our DFA advisor Matt Nash came by and suggested some additional people to contact for interviews as well as possible users.



oct29team12While we’re still conducting interviews and immersing, we synthesized some of our key insights and created a few preliminary HCW statements to guide our next steps. One of the most important components of the HCW statement is the user – who we want to design for. After some discussion, we narrowed down a few realistic user possibilities: victims who are in the process of reaching out or who have already reached out for help; employers; the general public who may be bystanders;  and children, in general as well as possibly those who have been exposed to domestic violence at home.


Our preliminary HCW statements, taking into consideration our user possibilities, are:

How can we…
-educate and demonstrate healthy relationships to children in schools?
-encourage employers to be more understanding and provide resources for victims?
-educate members of the community to recognize signs of domestic violence and provide resources in their daily lives and careers
-provide survivors with a concentrated resource pool to help them better transition in daily life

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