Team 3J3 – Narrowing Down

After reaching out to various types of health leaders in the community, we have been able to reach 3 different How Can We statements. 1. How can we enable doctors to monitor long term patients in between visits? 2. How can we help families better understand diagnoses in a visually/ easily digestible way? 3. How can we help chronically ill or needy patients monitor their systems everyday?

To arrive at these HCWs, we first went through a long list of problem spaces in health including themes of scheduling, informatics, and sensor tracking. We also investigated global record systems for health, disease, and death in order to create a network of data that can be analyzed for geographical trends. Overall, we are conducting more research and interviews in order to narrow down our problem space to a viable disease/condition that would fit our HCW statements adequately. We are excited about the possibility of finding new and useful applications of wearable technology and making interactions more effective between doctors and patients. This would ideally be accomplished without intruding in the lives of our users. Our potential solution would not only make lives longer, but also give patients the assurance of stable health status.

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